Innovation of automation and digitalization technologies in the footwear industry

Laboratory System

Laboratory system development and validation of tested concepts and systems.

Results Obtained

Results of deposition tests.

Main Goal

OT1 - Strengthen research, technological development and innovation.

Project Synthesis

The main objective of this project is the development of a prototype of equipment for the controlled and completely automated deposition of glue in insoles, capable of using various glue formulations. Goods and equipment to be developed have potential application in other sectors of activity, such as footwear and leather goods.

With this project, it is intended a frank response to the footwear industry, which nowadays is also looking for new technological, intelligent, flexible and connected solutions, to produce faster, cleaner and cheaper. In this sense, a prototype of an equipment item aims at a completely automated operation, digitized and equipped with precision technology, it will replace the traditional alternatives, which until now were manual or just semi-automatic.

It should be noted that the new product is based on the integration of different advanced systems to combine in automatic glue deposition equipment, namely:

- Use of an advanced control system for disposing and depositing glue with high precision;

- Real-time image acquisition system for part orientation and deposition mechanism to optimize the glue deposition process;

- Enabling the creation of new adhesive/glue formulations to make the product more flexible (for example Hot Melt Hotmelt Glue).

The introduction of artificial vision and sensing technologies in production environments will contribute to improve the quality of the final product, as well as to quickly adapt to new production series.

The effect of the incentive will allow Tecmacal to carry out research and development activities.


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Project Details

  • Project designation | InSoleTech — Insole Automated Deposition Technology
  • Project Code | POCI-01-0247-FEDER-038470
  • Intervention region | North
  • Approval date | 17-08-2018
  • Start date | 10-01-2018
  • Completion date | 03-31-2021
  • Total eligible cost | 657,001.63 Euros
  • European Union financial support | ERDF - 427,524.81 EUR

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